May 2008


I know yesturday I wrote on homophobia, but today I want to write on something that I believe is just as disgusting:Racism. It takes alot of forms, surprisingly enough. It can be as benign as the comment “He is so well spoken”, when speaking of a Black person(look, I don’t know what color we i’ll go with the default). Why wouldn’t he speak well? Didn’t he go to school for crying out loud? -_-
Or maybe something more “friendly”: “I’ve never been with a black woman before and I want to see what that is like”. Um, no different than being with any other woman. Their vaginas function just like everyone else’s. Sure there is maybe difference in texture(like with any person) But unlike what Joshua Ernst said…we don’t taste different(fuggin idiota punta*spits*)
And then there is the hard core version: the drive by shooting that happened while my mother was a small child in her grandparents’ house because they wouldn’t sell their land. My being called a “nigger” and being referred to “your people” so many times that it makes my head spin. Having to literally outwhite folks because they are so afriad of my skin tone that I swear I saw a family move when they saw me walk out of our house.
Then there is the reverse:
My friend patrick being told to leave me alone by a black basketball player after he saw him hold me in line at lunch. A guy being dragged by his neck from a truck because he’s white.
And then there is the internal violence:
Darker blacks hating the lighter blacks because of envy (they are closer on the white scale). Educated blacks being put down because they did something with their lives. My being told by my own family(the paternal side) that they would disown me if I married a white man.(I told them to disown me now).
or maybe…
Klan members killing off normal whites because of who they associate with. A white guy jumping another because he thought he was mexican(he was tan..).

And sadly enough, most of these cretins hide behind the bible. All because of a scripture in the old testemament where God was telling the jews to stay away from the difference races because they served different gods. If you tell them that it was because of religion and not race, you’d probally be either visited with a burning cross,gunshots or shunning.
And if you ever dealt with Klan folks, you might get handed the dual seedline theology.
What is the dual seedline theology? It is the belief that the white race came from adam and eve. The jewish people came from eve screwing satan who then had hideous kids who went and fucked animals…
which made my race.
Fun stuff, no?
The black side is no better with it’s 5 percenter bull that says that the black man is the ultimate scientist and that the white race was actually a failed experiment.
But no one really knows that because apparently Blacks are the only folks who’ve been wronged.
Erm, no.
Granted, there are minute differences in the breeds and diseases that seems to just stick on one or more breeds(sorry, i hate the term makes us seem like we are super different) but all in all..we function the same. We still pee normally, we all eat food, and we all have to pay taxes.
When folks realize that and stop being so afraid of the others, maybe we’ll learn something.


About All My Eggs

I'm weird. Really weird. And I tend to talk about things that interest me. That being religion, education,sex-related bits, and family. I talk about myself and my journey to disbelief also. Hense the name All my Eggs.

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