My Letter to Tea Baggers: Mar 2010


Alright. One thing about me: I try to listen to both sides. I may be firmly in one camp, but let me tell you this, I will listen to the opposition. One thing had shut the possibility for me to listen or even take seriously a teabagger ever again.
Yesturday, two Reps were walking on Captiol Hill. The Reps were Barney Frank and John Lewis. As they walked past the protestors(all the while saying nothing), the folks decided to have a bit of fun. So they started yelling, saying ” Kill the Bill, N-word”. Not just once, but over and over again toward Lewis.
John Lewis, showing restraint that I don’t know if I would have, walked on. Barney Frank walks by and some older man, probally thinking he had stregnth in numbers, called Frank a faggot. Yup. They went there folks.

Smooth move, teabaggers. You guys say that you fear a goverment take over. That as americans you are able to dissent. I can understand the fear behind said takeover. And yes, you are able to diseent. It is sexy(dissent is, not a teabagger). I have no problem with that.

What I do have a problem with is character smearing,putdowns,fear mongering, and acting like an angry three year old. Oh, and the fact that no one in the teabagger group really decried the incident.

How am I to take you seriously when all I hear is “The president is a monkey”, “I want the president dead”, or my personal favorite “This world was a better place before blacks forgot their place.”

How am I to truly want to join along side you against the great red menance when the only folks who appear to be involved are white, rural, and mostly male? Oh, and Christian.

How am to sit here and listen to your speeches when they only boil down to these key phrases:

-mexicans are animals(said by one of your teabagger buddies)
-our president is not american but instead is engineered by the Muslim Cabal.
– The president is a muslim, so therefore whatever he says is a lie.
-White Christians have it harder than any group in America

So, until you are able to logically explain to me why insurance for all is wrong, why giving to the poor is wrong, and why rights for gays are wrong….

I’ll stick with my assumption: Teabaggers are not truly in it for America, but for what their idea of America should be: a country where only white men are president, where the poor just deal with being poor, where blacks and women know their place, and atheists are second class citizens.Oh, and gays would be back in the closet.
They worship a false god. The god of stagnation. They want to feel good about what they have, and that’s fine…but at the expense of the possibility that maybe we could do well. Even if we try to do well for ourselves and others and fail, at least we’ve tried. But they do not want that. It is the faith system of “Us four no more” or “Our way or bust”. They invoke the God of the Bible who humbly died on the cross(my mom’s faith) to smite the darky president because he is their enemy. He may be christian, but not their type of christian so he isn’t a believer at all(yay circular reasoning!). They, to quote a friend, would cut off their nost to spite their face.

Not to say that Democrats are angels. Because they aren’t. But my God, they look positively spotless compared to that vitrol seeping out of the pores of Teabaggers.
And not to say all republicans are stoking the fire. Actually, they are but that’s for another day.
What I’ve been trying to say for the past few pages is this: unless you can come up with an idea on how to better health care, stop whining. It’s not protesting that you’re doing, it’s a collective emotional circle jerk.

Now if you excuse me, I have to go roast a baby.

The link that made me all stabbity:


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