Dear Sweet Jesus I hate Ann Coulter: Dec 2006


You either love her or hate her, this much is true. With Ann Coulter there is no middle ground, just psychotic anger and complete acceptance.

But that’s besides the point. Why have I picked on Ann Coulter? Is it because I have no life? Or could it be that there is nothing good on tv? Nah. I just like talking(typing). Well that and I dislike a person who is so nasty; they cause me to have stomach ulcers. Anyway, here it goes.

This was her November 22, 2006 “article” on the whole iman debacle.

It’s not horrid that she even said what happened(as if she was there). It’s the comments she made. I’ll give a top two of my favorites.

– If only we could get Muslims to boycott all airlines, we could dispense with airport security altogether

-The idea that a Muslim boycott against US Airways would hurt the airline proves that Arabs are utterly tone-deaf. This is roughly the equivalent of Cindy Sheehan taking a vow of silence. How can we hope to deal with people with no sense of irony? The next thing you know, New York City cab drivers will be threatening to bathe.

I am going to walk away for a second to let that sink in.

Ann, it isn’t that just all muslims would boycott, but other belief systems and races also. On any aspect, if they were innocent(note the word if) then people will come together to fight injustice.

During the 1960’s, did just black people boycott buses?

Heck, I’ll even go more recent. With this whole Gay Marriage thing, are just gay men and women fighting for it? (NO)

But that isn’t of her concern, it’s stopping another 9/11. According to her, Muslims(which were Saudi) were on the plane which brought so many people to their graves.

But yet she forgets the Unibomber and Timothy McVeigh. Granted, they were American and white nationalists who if anything had a sketchy idea on God or whatever, but they bombed people for the same reason the 9/11 jerk offs did: they thought our government were evil and it needed to be fixed, by any means necessary.

But you didn’t hear much about it from Ann Coulter. It’s all about the Muslims. The muslims this, the muslims that…and how we should bomb their countries.
She wants to bomb the daylights out of anyone who isn’t Christian, but if someone took that idea on us, she’d be livid.

hypocrisy anyone?

I know a lot of her fans would be angry that I would say such a thing, but I don’t care. When lies are touted as the truth, I get a bit miffed. When xenophobia is a virtue and kindness for all is eschewed, I get a bit testy. The truth of the matter is, Ann is a woman who looks in mirror and forgets her own image. She will use minority groups as scapegoats and uses others to her advantage. How does she use them? She uses them as verbal punching bags, attempting to relieve the self-hatred that festers in her own heart. But, she has her uses: She continually teaches us that there is a part of America this is still backwards, foolish, and emotionally cold. That religion can be used as a baseball to the knees of normally rational people instead of an assist or something helpful like that. And that hysteria still sells.

Long story short: If we ignore her, she will go away. Either that or end up on David Duke’s European Salvation Board.

But until then, I’ll keep blogging.


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I'm weird. Really weird. And I tend to talk about things that interest me. That being religion, education,sex-related bits, and family. I talk about myself and my journey to disbelief also. Hense the name All my Eggs.

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