August 2009


Being a woman who has spent a large amount of time in the church, i can tell you I’ve heard some crackpot theories. I’ve heard about gold dust coming and settiling on the believers(the true believers that is). I have heard about extrasensory happenings going on during praise and worship(smelling things or feeling like you’re in a lake). I even have read a book about how the world was going to end or something like that in 2000.
Besides that insane stuff, I have my experience in the nondenominational department.
I’ve had hands laid on me, been exorcized and have fallen out under the glory of God. I’ve prayed in tongues. I’ve seen visions and had dreams. That sounds a bit insane to most believers, but is under the banner of “spirit filled” churches, which is fine. But before I was involved with anything like that, I was a Baptist.
I know, spare the thought right? lol. But seriously, i was a dyed in the wool baptist. Anyway, why am I saying all this? I wanted to show my “credentials” before I go off.
There are wolves prowling around, drunk on what little fame they have. Their hate speech has ramshod around america and can only be compared to Stormfront in the ability to bring together people in hate.
One of the people that I speak of is Steven Anderson. He’s a pastor in Arizona who prays for the death of President Obama. Daily.
As that soaks in your head, there is another winner who prays for the death of Obama. Pastor Drake.
These guys want our president dead.Not only do they want him dead, they want him to go to a place of eternal suffering. Why do they want him dead(and in hell) you ask? Well it’s a toss up. 1) He’s black(well he can’t change that …..). 2) he supports the right for women to chose. 3) they believe he is not American.
These are very dumb reasons to wish someone dead. What I believe is that they are using the grevious sin of abortion as a cover up for their own bigoted beliefs. And to bring in God(if he is real or not is the question here) as some type of goon who does their dirty work is appalling. This has gone from crackpot Christianity into something much darker. But what really sickens me is that there aren’t many Christians talking about this, denouncing it and calling it for what it is: unabashed hatred.
Why is that? I have my theories. One of them is that we as a group have become so politicized that we’ve become numb to anything else. We would rather sit with “our group” and not stretch ourselves out as Christ did and actually do good. We go to church, we listen to a poltical sermon about how we’re better because we’re repubs or better because we’re dems. We allow ourselves to become pawns of the political elite instead of making any real lasting change.
Another theory is that there is a smaller amount of loving Christians than what we say we have. This is made shockingly obvious when we have leaders who kowtow to the poltical elite,fame, and money. When they took those vows, it was to better the Christian family, not for selfish gain. Or maybe not. Going down to the church members now. Where is our love? Not that nambly pambly love that goes out like a candle but something that brings forth good fruit.
My last theory is that we’ve made Christianity into more of a business than what it was over 2000 ago. It has become McJesus with a side of grace. We care more about the numbers than we do the health of the ones we have. I am not putting down witnessing, but seriously. If you have nothing but malnutritioned idiots then you’re doing it wrong. It’s supposed to be a family that is healthy and whole. But that is the idealist coming out in me.
I honestly wish that Christ’s prayer would come true, that we become one as he and the Father are one. But it isn’t going to happen with people like this at the helm.


About All My Eggs

I'm weird. Really weird. And I tend to talk about things that interest me. That being religion, education,sex-related bits, and family. I talk about myself and my journey to disbelief also. Hense the name All my Eggs.

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