Homophobia: May 2008


I have been mulling this idea of homophobia and homosexuality lately, even more so since California has given gays the right to marry(freaking finally). Well, if I could think anymore on it, I couldn’t. Well, or so I thought. As you know I go to bethany world prayer center. And what I had to hear that day made me want to walk out of the church. Basically they were praying for it to be stopped and not to go on in any more of the states. And all I could hear in my heart was “How self-righteous”. So, when they wanted to pray against it, I prayed my own prayer:

“Lord, forgive us for enforcing our beliefs on people who either don’t want to hear or who have a different path to you. Forgive us for judging our brothers and sisters who you created. Amen”

IF anyone heard that, they’d probally stone me. What I should have added was:

“And forgive us for using political issues to force our agenda. Help us to remember our first love”

As you can assume, I am for the marriage of gays and lesbians. Not because I think that it is a superior way, but because I personally believe that this is not a religious problem as people would like to cloke it. This is a homophobia problem. Compare this to me marrying my friend Chris or my friend Erik. Many years ago this would not be possible, because of my assumed race. This would have landed us in jail. People called it unnatural and wrong. Said that if you married outside of your race you were sinning.
Fast Forward to now. I have friends that are gay, and as many of you know, I am bisexual. Some say: “it undermines straight marriage”. My question is how? Is marriage so brittle that if two gays or two lesbians marry then the whole marriage thing will fall? I think not. It will do like any other institution, it will stretch and mold to fit the times.
Others say: “Well it is wrong and to say that gays can marry is approving of an abomination”. First, let’s get to the definition of an abomination:
1) a cause of disgust.
In other words, it’s a matter of taste. Not a sin. If you really want to be right about it, you’d call it ” something that goes against the norms as to cause disgust when violated”.
Alright, so to you it is a source of disgust. Alrighty then. IF you say it is an abomination to God, then let me remind of you of many things in the old testement that were abominations:
-mixed cloth
-animals that didn’t chew cud(wtf is cud)
Did Jesus say anyhing about gays and marriage? No, because he was focused more on the establishment of his spiritual kingdom than that or women’s rights and so on.
But Paul did say somethings:
The first time you see it, it is used in Romans 1 and it is a CLEAR no no. But he seems to use homosexuality as this thought that man did it to send a big “fuck you” to god(ie rebellion).
That seems to not work so well. Because I have talked to gay men, and well..how can I put this? The last person they’d want to piss off IS god. So, where is the rebellion? Is it in the fact they can’t make kids? If that is the case then my grandmother is in rebellion, because she had her girly bits removed and couldn’t have anymore kids after my mother. My mom can’t have any. AT all.
So are they in rebellion also?
But if this is what you believe, then it’s either all or nothing there.
But I digress.
If it is an abomination to you, then please don’t touch me on my period because then you’ll need to kill some birds because i’m unclean.
I know, snarky snarky.
But seriously, if the use of a relgious text is your reason for not wanting gays to marry, then I have one quesiton:
Why do you honestly care? You, along with me and my other friends are going to be pulled out in the rapture. Shouldn’t this be a sign that the world is ending and you should be spending more time on preparing yourself instead of trying to take over the world you freaking domininist?


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I'm weird. Really weird. And I tend to talk about things that interest me. That being religion, education,sex-related bits, and family. I talk about myself and my journey to disbelief also. Hense the name All my Eggs.

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