Some Scary News


So, in Palmdale California, five adults and eight children are currently missing. The reason? They are preparing for the rapture and used language such as “we will see our dead relatives again”.

I sat on my butt to think about what to say about that, as that I heard about this around 8 am but didn’t know what to say.

Now I do.

Folks, before anyone says that a “true” believer wouldn’t be caught up in something like that, let’s realize something. The five adults were passionate about their faith. I can’t say anything for the eight kids because they are children and would probally do what their elders ask them to do. That being said, don’t fool or delude yourself into thinking it couldn’t/wouldn’t happen to you(if you are a fervent believer).

Basically, it just happens. You can educate yourself and make sure it doesn’t happen. Heck, learn what your faith means to YOU and not a bodly commission. Engage in using reason instead of just leaning on ‘Well that is what our pastor says”. Practice the art of verbal self defense. Don’t let someone hack you down to size or even speak into your life just because they have a church, hold a seminary degree, or calls themself “Minister”, “Pastor”, or “Prophet”.

If you think, just even a little bit that you may be either a spiritually abusive/dangerous group(religious or no) then go to this link:

It gives great infomation on what constitutes a cult, what makes a cult dangerous, and the mindset of a person in a dangerous cult. I’ll give you the big three which constitute a dangerous cult:

  • A charismatic leader, who increasingly becomes an object of worship as the general principles that may have originally sustained the group lose power. 
  • A process [is in use] call[ed] coercive persuasion or thought reform. 
  • Economic, sexual, and other exploitation of group members by the leader and the ruling coterie.
  • If what the husbands say are true, and the folks who went into that desert are in over their heads, there is very little you can do. If they are already in that mindset, it would take a while to break that cycle.  For one, they’d have to want to get out of it. If they are what one would call a “true believer” to the point of doing this, any type of logic on them would just push them more into their cocoon of delusion. They may be found alive, but the adults(believing they are in the right and this is just satan’s regime trying to hold them down, if they are that far gone) will try and do it again.

    Because they want to please God with all of their being(or please their leaderand therefore please God). So they won’t question, and if they do, they’ll use thought stopping techniques like singing, scripture quoting, etc. If someone does raise the alarm and ask questions, they will be either compelled to repent or be kicked out of the clique.

    So the desire to conform would be strong.

    That being said, there should be a search mounted because there are children involved. Nonviolently, if possible. If the women were just sitting around praying and there was literally nothing amiss, then chalk it up to overreacting.

    But if it is as neferious as the husbands allege, then remove the kids. I know that might sound like a jerk thing to say, but when you bring children into a cult, let’s just say you’re scarring them and causing them problems down the line. Also, may I add, they are not willing participants on this ship of SS clusterfrack.

    And notice I never said these folks were not Christians are believers in Christ. Two reasons. 1) Despite the divider the other folks would like to put inbetween this and orthodox Christiantiy….these folks are Christian. They believe in Jesus and all the bells and whistles there of.  2) Because of that I refuse to believe that anyone who has said the sinner’s prayer while in that group or apart is not a believer.

    They are, in every since of the word, a bit extremist. And some news for those still reading, this is NOT new. Ever since the idea of the rapture,doomsday/rapture groups like this have been around. That being said, here is some info on that:

    In 1843 and 1844 there was the great disappointment, where William Miller assumed that after doing some math, the second coming was due in 1843. He claimed to have it right in 1844. Folks in his congregation did as these 13 people did: leaving their land, families, etc because they were going HOME because Jesus was going to annihilate everyone.

    Only they didn’t.  And he didn’t.

    Charles Taze Russel, of Watchtower fame(he created it) set so many dates that to write them all down would cause a cramp. Just look it up.

    Jack Van Impe was wise in the fact he never set dates. He would say “I believe that Christ is coming mid 80’s” Then the 90’s and onto now.

    Edgar Wisenaught wrote “The 88 reasons why the Rapture is in 1988”. It didn’t happen. So he wrote another book for 1989.

    Then some guy named Stuat Cobbs set it for October 3-5(like it was some multiday event) in 2005.

    There is a trend now among Rapture Enthusiasts to set it during Jewish High Holy Days. To make it sound more Godly I guess. To me, it seems like a thinly veiled attempted to say that they are the “chosen” people now…and what other better way to prove it then by setting the rapture during another religion’s high holy days.  But enough on that.

    What I want you guys to walk away with is this: cults are not new, they occur more than you think(if you go by the broadest definition), and when you see a red flag run like hell.

    And take your towel with you.

    The news thing I was talking about:

    End of the world predictions:

    What is the rapture?:


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