This is about evil bastards


So, I was on twitter, being a twit, when someone posted a quote. It goes like this:

“Girls do not want nice guys, girls just want the douchebags.”

Here is something I’ve noticed. Guys who complain about girls not wanting “nice guys” usually have the problem of “but it’s not a douche when I do it”. And baby let me tell you, oh yes it is.

Telling a girl that you really like her and that you two hit it off is sweet. But doing that then screwing her best friend right after you dropped her off (the first girl, not the best friend)….that’s a douche move.

Telling two girls within five minutes of each other that you love “Only them” and to “Not to tell the other one” is a douche move.

Slapping your girlfriend in public is abusive, but then telling her friends it was HER that was the abusive one? Yeah. You’re a douche.

Whining about not finding a good girl in your state, but then turning down another girl because she’s “too far”, then getting testy with her because she moved on and got a boyfriend? THAT IS VERY douche-like behavior compadre.

Whining about not finding a “good girl”, but you refuse to leave the house, stated to your best male friend (who has a girlfriend of own but she’s. BLACK) that you rather be with your “own kind” than be with a geeky girl who may or may not have a “big ass” and Hispanic or whatever. That’s not only douchy but closed-minded and I cannot understand nor fathom why you are so close. That is how douchy it is

Calling a girl “bitter” when she opens up about her abusive ex.

Telling said girl that maybe “she did something to warrant it”
Telling any woman to “get over” being sexually assaulted
Laughing at a girl who just got the courage up to ask YOU out.

Telling a girl she’s perfect BUT she’s the wrong

Accusing all attractive women of being gold-digging whores when you ask them out and they either say very kindly, “I’m flattered, but no thank you.”
Referring to all of your exes as either whores or skanks.

And my favorite? Having an impossible list of expectations for a girlfriend, and dumping her ass if she fails on just ONE of the items. No, not like “don’t be a cheating whore”, I mean things like “DO NOT GAIN WEIGHT” or “She was being uppity”. Uppity how? By actually telling you “no”?

What we have here is an epidemic of douches in kind men’s clothing. They walk the same, talk the same, but it isn’t until you get behind closed doors that you can tell the difference. This is the guy who cries on a dime if you try to dump him because he was verbally abusive but then dumps YOU because he “Wanted to beat you to the punch first”.
This man will sit on his ass and spend your hard earned money, yet if you ask him for a loan, he calls you a gold-digger.
This guy suffers from BBD syndrome, the bigger better deal. If you seem like the best, he will woo you, and then out of nowhere, kick you out of your own house to fuck your little sister.
These are not “nice guys”. These are man-children who will never, EVER grow up. These are the men who fill the “men’s rights” groups, treat their daughters like chattel, and demand that their more intelligent mate stays home because “he’s the man”.
No, he’s a chump and you should run as far away from him as possible. You will be doing yourself and your future descendants a favor.


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