This is about bad women


Hi Again Minions,

I know I got a bit winded on the rant, but it needed to be said. Anyway, I feel like I need to balance out my ranting. Because I have heard girls scream about why are there so many “douchebags” out there.

“I’m a good woman!” they cry out…

And most times they are, but other times I want to just pimp slap them and say NO YOU ARE NOT.

And here’s why:

Sleeping with a guy’s friends is not sexy or cool. It’s SKANKY.

– If you suffer from the “whatever” syndrome, you aren’t a good woman. You need to know what you like, what you do not like, and what you can “whatever” on. You like fish? Eat it. Don’t like fish? THEN DO NOT EAT IT.

– If you just “receive” actions, you are only a few steps from being a receptacle. And when a receptacle is broken or overfilled, there is only ONE thing to do to it: throw it away.

– Back to the receiving thing. It isn’t wrong to receive or want nice things. It is wrong when you expect your guy to foot the bill and he can barely rub two pennies together. Either get it yourself or rethink what you’re doing.

– Also, if you over give, you’re telling the guy “My love is nothing on its own.” Over giving causes the man to be complacent, you to stress about finances, and the debt collectors HAPPY.

– If you are dating a guy just because you do not want to be alone, do me and the guy a favor: dump him and find a hobby group.

– If you are with a guy just because the sex is “GREAT”, let me suggest something: get a damn vibrator. No penis is worth the headache. And while sex in a healthy relationship is key, if that is all there is, you are not dating. You are FUCK BUDDIES.

– Going into relationship thinking you can change a guy into the perfect guy? Stop while you are the fuck ahead. If you change him, he’s perfect alright. For another woman.

– Cheating on a guy because he cheated on you is not smart. It’s very stupid. 1) You get exposed to even more STDs and 2) You are on the same level as him…which is the corn that is found in feces.

– Finding yourself while dating someone is scary, but good. Shaping you to fit a guy? Very bad.

– Calling a guy ten thousand times a day? That’s not dating. That’s being a damn stalker.

– Trapping a guy into marriage via “oopsie” pregnancy? He will resent you and the baby.

– Not taking a man seriously when he says something about himself is dangerous. I have too many stories of me doing that. One even ended with a twisted arm.

– When a man says he doesn’t deserve you, don’t try and prove him wrong. Don’t lessen YOUR shine because he’s intimidated by you.

– If a man is intimidated by you, he will try to break you. That’s wrong. But when you are broken to the point where you are hitting yourself in the head with a hammer saying NO! NO! I CAN BE BETTER!? Just start planning for your tombstone because you have effectively died.

– Refusing to date a man because he’s too “high-brow” or “seems gay” is not you “keeping it real”. It’s you deterring yourself from happiness by way of refusing to sample “difference”. I’m not saying run after vatos, but honestly, if a guy who likes sailing thinks you are a hottie, just try it.

– It’s called DATING, not marriage. If you feel like you are getting serious in month two, wait a while. It’s the hormones.

– If you can look at the guy while he’s sleeping and not want to put a pillow over his head ONCE….readjust your meds

– If you expect relationships to be “me, me, me” then you are on a great start to becoming a me-ogomist.

– Compromise is NOT a dirty word. I can’t play Farmville all day (I wish I could…) and the boyfriend can’t play Magic all day. There has to be something going on.

– If you have to beg your guy to take you on a date, he’s already assumed you are not worth it. LEAVE. Not try to sing “stranger in my house”. Just freaking leave.

And my favorite: staying with a guy just because your financial outlook will improve? That doesn’t make you smart it makes you a hooker.


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