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Just because it says it is a duck does not mean it is a duck

So a friend on FB (his name is John) posted a blog entry about a group of people calling themselves “Christians for a Moral America”. 

This is the definition of moral:

a : of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior :ethical <moral judgments>b : expressing or teaching a conception of right behavior <amoral poem>c : conforming to a standard of right behaviord : sanctioned by or operative on one’s conscience or ethical judgment <a moral obligation>e : capable of right and wrong action <a moral agent>

I looked at the twitter entries Keith(that’s the dude’s name) placed about George Micheal and praying for his death, and I have come to this conclusion:

That word,moral, I do not think it means what they believe it means. Yes I just butchered Princess Bride. Anyway, if we take the base idea of “moral” and apply it to the way Keith and his illadvised flock act, we would find that these two things would be far from each other. How far? As far as the east is from the west(yes I just got all biblical). 

I do not care what religion a person follows, but when they start going on and on about how we need to pray for “this” person to die and “that” person to die, someone needs to call them on it. I mean like go off on them with huge words, scriptures, and show them the REALLY REALLY large house in their eye while they are looking for an invisible speck in George Micheal’s. 

And what makes it even worse is that they are saying that the guy has AIDS. Okay, let’s back up a minute and realize something about HIV/AIDS:

Not every gay man has it

Not every black person has it

Heck, it isn’t even a death sentence anymore. You still die, but you won’t look like the walking dead. 

Did I mention they are working on a cure?

Anyway, so here we have some god-botherers on twitter saying “Pray for his death so he can roast in hell!!” and “I heard he has AIDS. You know that’s part and parcel of what “they” do”.

This is not even one iota close to the Christianity I loved as a kid. Heck, it’s not even close to the Christianity I research as an adult. This is what happens when you have a bitter, hate-filled person with a narcissist streak and no compassion. I don’t know if this man is a self-hating gay or if he just wants to feel better than everyone else but I do know this is disgusting. It is disgusting in the way that some people would take what this asong babae seriously and go and murder gay people or people who are percieved to be gay. 

All under the banner of Christianity. If I were Jesus(which I am not, thank Odin), I would personally visit Keith and his members. Then as they freak out that I am a little Jewish man, I’d pimp slap them so hard that their teeth would play like piano keys. After I got the slap in, I’d sit them down and explain quite calmly that they either need to take a really good look at themselves in the mirror. Because if life was ANYTHING like Dance in the Vampire Bund, their true selves would be nothing but steaming piles of excrement. 

But life is not like an anime, but there is a life where people can call people out on being douches. And if these people from “Christians for a Moral America” had any backbone, and were not simpering cowards hiding behind the anominimity of the internet, they’d listen and possibly change their ways. But they won’t because Jeebus is on their side. This same Jeebus, who last time I checked, did not say jack shit about being gay. That was all Paul. Who I strongly suggest was a closet case/spiteful little prick. 

I’m not saying they aren’t Christians. That isn’t my job. I am not playing on their team. But I can say that they are the worst representatives for Christ that I have seen thus far. These Christo-fascists are addicted to the idea of being persecuted but without the real work of being a good person. I have an idea. Let’s drop them in the middle of Zambia and just leave them there. Or maybe leave them in Watts wearing either all blue or all red. 

But I am doing one better. I am posting their page on the group Wipeout Homophobia on Facebook page, and asking them to help me shut it down. 


Their page:

If you could shut them down(legally) I’d be sehr happi!




I wonder


It’s Samhain, or as we American folks call it, Halloween. I’ve been listening to various artists. One artist in particular I come back to: jennifer knapp.

She’s a Christian artist who was really big in the 90’s, and ended up disappearing out of nowhere. We find later that she left and moved to Australia. If you said wtf, then join the group.

Anyway, she met a nice girl, and decided to come out of the closet. I of course “knew” it(more like wishing really hard) and was all yay for her.

Well, her very fundy fans were NOT happy. Apparently being a lesbian and Christian doesn’t work.

A thought, just a thought:

What if it’s none of your business folks?! She’s in love, isn’t being beat to death, and is being honest to herself and her God.

I mean, if a fundy’s god is that small minded, then something is VERY wrong. I won’t take “you don’t know god’s ways”. That is a cop out and you know it. If he created her, then maybe, just maybe he knows.

Or maybe the idea of sexuality being something you can’t really box scares these folks.
It scared me, a lot. I was taught that my sexuality was not for ME. It was for the man I’d marry or convince myself that he loved me. I was a person that sexual acts were to be done TO, not to initiate. The shame that’s packed into a survivor’s body is enough to light a town. Couple that with the mixed signals one gets in youth church or at single’s conferences and you get a person who feels more like an object that a vibrant person.

And I feel, that it’s what they want us to feel like. It’s easier to debase yourself like a dog when you are told that your container…your body is dirty. It’s easier to depersonalize yourself when the emphasis in on the next life. This one is garbage!

And now, I look at Jennifer Knapp and wonder how she functions. What I mentioned is my own life, and I have to remind myself to breathe at times. I was so used to being an object, so very used to thinking my very normal desires were more kinky than age play…that the mere idea of someone desiring me sickened me.

I wanted intimacy, yet was poisoned against it. I was told to fear the male gaze. To assume that only teh PERFACT man of gawd could love and accept this broken effed up woman…made me my own enemy.

I feel angry, sorrowful, and retarded. I mean it in the fullest since of the word. I am a woman who was in arrested development for many years, and am only now trying to play catch up.

My innocence was stolen twice: first by my molesters, then by the very people I entrusted with my soul. I feel shipwrecked. And yet I can hear my mother’s own voice blaming me. Saying she warned me and that I deserved it.

I wonder if other refugees from fundamentalism feel this way. Just disjointed and envious of those who didn’t go through Jesus camp like training? Or do they never crack?

I wonder