I really don’t get it.

Why are people so willing to screw over themselves just to make sure that someone else doesn’t get what they have?


Politics: look dems and repubs…. Work together or it’s going to get worse. Shut up, grow a pair, and WORK TOGETHER

– insurance. Really. I’m not going to get a free voucher for an abortion. I’ll just be able to get real insurance without being price gouged.

– same sex marriage. Seriously. Two adults who love each other. Why not? And don’t give me the it’s a sin. What’s really the sin is the fact that it’s 2012 and lgbt folks are thought of as walking demon factories.

– comprehensive sex Ed. Look,kids are going to have sex. And lying to them won’t help.ifyou really want to keep them celibate, give them a 4 year paid account for WOW. Or EVE.

– taxes. You live in a country that has them. Granted, my mom pays more than Mittens Romney, but unless the super rich pay their share….it’s how it will stay.

-Muslims. They freaking exist. Most are awesome. Some are not. Like Christians.

Really….we need to grow up


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  1. I totally hear you. In some ways I have different political beliefs but I take your point on peolpe’s contradictory choices. I think it happens when people get really emotional about issues and stop thinking things through. I mean I get that every parent as uncomfortable with the idea of teenagers having sex… but just because the adult is uncomfortable, doesn’t mean that the kid should go into life unprepared to have a healthy, safe sex life. That’s why it’s so important for us to learn to deal with our own reaction maturely. And it is possible!

    • I know what you mean, Marie! I think it’s why I ran from being a teacher. Parents get testy about their kiddos.

      I was lucky though. My mom gave me the STD talk waaaaaaay before the sex talk. I think it’s why I waited so long(20 yrs.). Well that and I had “lessons” in the form of cousins who didn’t practice safe sex. ever.

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