Monthly Archives: December 2012

I’m freezing




Monday, yet again.


Hello my people! I’m sorry I was away from so long. Actually, no I am not. I needed to breathe and do stuff.

And not a moment too soon, I think.


It’s the first week of advent, and I’m already about to facepalm. Before I lose you guys, let me explain. In detail.

Okay. As some of you know, I am a bit commenter in groups on Facebook. One of them is my favorite: SCCL. SCCL is best explained as a safe place for folks who drank too much of the kool-aid. That being said, no one is perfect. But they are genuine. And that is why I love these folks.

Last week, a man posted on SCCL asking why women do not read his blog. And it only got worse from there.


SCCL thought she was blocked from responding. TJ said she wasn’t. At this time it’s just he said/she said. Easy enough to solve right? Well, no. It went on and on to the point where TJ was being an unabashed ass and hurt some feelings.

At this time, I am drinking some warm tea. I know nothing about this because I am dealing with the new life of a homeowner.

Today, I hop onto facebook and talk to buddies. Some are pretty upset. I am confused as to what is going on, and read today’s blog by TJ.

It wasn’t really a blog entry, more of a frustrated clanging of words. He spoke of how “giving someone the benefit of the doubt” should be a Christian virtue. At first I am like “Hell yeah!”.

Then I did some thinking.

To just give the benefit of the doubt all the time can cause problems. Huge ones.

I get acussed of things. I get confused

He gets beligerant.

I get really confused.

Then I read what transpired last week.

I snapped.

I’m not proud of what happened, but sometimes just explaining into detail “It’s not all about you” does help. At least it helped me.

And yes, going off on a stranger isn’t that great. But at least I am learning that some people really are just douchebags wearing crosses.