Monthly Archives: July 2012



I really don’t get it.

Why are people so willing to screw over themselves just to make sure that someone else doesn’t get what they have?


Politics: look dems and repubs…. Work together or it’s going to get worse. Shut up, grow a pair, and WORK TOGETHER

– insurance. Really. I’m not going to get a free voucher for an abortion. I’ll just be able to get real insurance without being price gouged.

– same sex marriage. Seriously. Two adults who love each other. Why not? And don’t give me the it’s a sin. What’s really the sin is the fact that it’s 2012 and lgbt folks are thought of as walking demon factories.

– comprehensive sex Ed. Look,kids are going to have sex. And lying to them won’t help.ifyou really want to keep them celibate, give them a 4 year paid account for WOW. Or EVE.

– taxes. You live in a country that has them. Granted, my mom pays more than Mittens Romney, but unless the super rich pay their share….it’s how it will stay.

-Muslims. They freaking exist. Most are awesome. Some are not. Like Christians.

Really….we need to grow up